[Sidefx-houdini-list] advice on a "set shot" workflow inwindows!??!! (WTF)

Jeff Wagner jeff at sidefx.com
Fri May 28 13:02:16 EDT 2010

Marc Horsfield wrote:
> yeah, there are some people out here doing a similar thing (animated feature on 
> windows). Recently one of their servers went down because someone plugged a usb 
> stick with a virus into their workstation.... bam!
Animated features on Windows is what it is: just plain wrong imho. 
Especially if the entire render farm is Windows AND it needs to be 
re-booted every day in order to keep it running. You'd be out of 
business in 5 years if that, or you had interns managing it.

Usb issues. I would be surprised if there were a free usb port on a 
workstation in a studio. Any studio I visit never has working usb ports 
for me to plug in my usb drive. A good thing really.
> And yet the resistance to linux out here is still amazingly strong. I just don't 
> understand it
I wonder if it's that same resistance to Houdini that we find out 
there... Or anything that is different in general.

If "X" seems to have been working up to now, why can't we make "X" work 
going forward? No really? What's so bad with "X"? Can't we just hire a 
programmer to fix what we have?


Must be nice seeing the world in such a "simple" way.
> "There really is no getting around Houdini and Unix for a lean startup in my 
> opinion."
> I concur wholeheartedly.
> Cheers
> M


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