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Alex Lim list at poh-yee.com
Fri May 28 11:26:17 EDT 2010


Other people might have a different opinion on this, but IMHO, yes and no.

Yes, I think you may get into trouble if you zero'd an Object out 
somewhere in the world space, but then later you perform additional 
transform operation there, you may not notice (initially) that there are 
cleaned transform in that node. So if you or someone else do a lot of 
referencing to that Object chain, there is a little danger that when 
your hierarchy get complicated, you will be spending a lot of time 
figuring out why the numbers don't match up just because you used some 
expressions that may not take into account pre-transform.

I rarely see pre-transform on FX and lighting setups. Mostly on rigging, 
it seems. Which made sense because you'd probably want to give animators 
a clean, zero'd parameter rig to work with.

No, pre-transform can still be extracted regardless, either by 
combination of objpretransform() and explodematrix() or other expression 
functions. It is a useful thing.

IMHO, you should be able to work without cleaning transform in Houdini 
tho. But if you have to, just make sure things are well labeled/noted 
and you should be okay. :)


On 5/28/2010 8:00 AM, James Rutherford wrote:
> Probably a dumb question but will get into a future problem if I clean transforms on chain root nulls on a rig I'm working on.
> Jim Rutherford
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