[Sidefx-houdini-list] RBD Glue woes

Louis Dunlevy louisdunlevy at gmail.com
Fri May 28 00:47:18 EDT 2010

Using the rbd state dop to set your glue strength? Off the top of my
head If you have it at "Set Always" you can either manually keyframe it
(-1 never breaks) or use a dopfield expression or suchlike. Depending on
the mass of your object, you may need a very high glue strength in any
case. From what I remember you can look at the forces and velocity of
your object to determine how high the glue strength should be. When the
force on the object is higher than the glue strength, it breaks.

Off the top of my head mind... take that with a pinch of salt ;-)


jacob fisher wrote:
> So, the internal glue setting is not being friendly to me with this
> fractured object I have in dops.
> Expressions and keying don't work for the value, and I'm running out
> of ideas and crashing my head into a wall.
> Half-life seems not effective as well.
> I want this object to simply bounce once before it breaks.  Instead,
> it breaks instantly or not at all.  How do I go about doing a geometry
> switch?  It doesn't bounce straight up and down, so I can't just alter
> a creation frame and render the first 50 frames or whatever bouncing
> pre break.
> I feel like there is a very simple solution that I'm over looking.
> Hopefully.  It's also late and I can't think straight, so please
> forgive me overlooking important details or small checkboxes.
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