[Sidefx-houdini-list] modifying the imapct impulse data within a DOP object..

Bhavesh Pandey bhaveshpandey at aol.com
Sun May 16 06:51:23 EDT 2010

hi, I have been trying to modify the impact impulse data which is created at the time of impact.
right now my approach has been pretty much simple..i import the impact data from the dopobjects within a SOP solver and
add them as an attribute to the center points (which are extracted in SOPs) of each fractured dopobject which then defines their glue strength..
the issue is this way if the objects are too close or too small in size the attribute gets transferred to all..which is pretty much expected..(though we could reduce the transfer size but its still pretty inconvenient)

as a matter of fact I have not been able to use the attribTransfer node, for some odd reason the attributes aren't applied to the points with in the SOPsolver (i guess there's a reason behind it?? and i'm just ignorant of it..)...so i went for the point clouds..
which brings me to the next topic....could someone tell me what the Cone Angle parameter in the point cloud open VOP node does??
is it similar to what an angle of vision is?? i did a small test to check if it is..but i didn't get the result to favor my assumptions..and the point cloud nodes are scarcely documented..

Kind Regards,
Bhavesh Pandey.


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