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The code is here:

They just posted yesterday a new tarball that included a missing
.configure file and fixed a lot of missing cstdlib, cstdio and cstring
includes on newer Linux systems - so hopefully it will build a little
more easily than when I did it...

Just run the .configure file, make, and you're away (hopefully)!


On 22 March 2010 16:30, Mark Story <mstory at xion.org> wrote:
> Hey there,
> Sounds promising!
> If you can post the locations of the work done so far, file formats,
> etc. I'd like to look them over.
> Thanks!
>> Hi Mark,
>> Drew Whitehouse has taken a crack at it already - which is why there
>> is some code out there already. It's Houdini 9.0 vintage though. I
>> only just got the base libs built, and haven't had a chance to try and
>> compile the HDK or python stuff yet. I'm definitely planning to do so
>> though - which is why I am checking to see if anyone else has an
>> update or info on it. I'm guessing with some of the HDK changes of
>> late it will need some dusting off, but I'm more than happy to help
>> with that. From there we can assess what else it can do. I like the
>> way protocol buffers make it easy to define new asset types - so I'm
>> thinking it will be for geometry and not node data though.
>> Cheers
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