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Mon Mar 22 18:20:52 EDT 2010

The highlight seems to be the way you can index into a huge (binary or
ascii) file and load only a subset of the data without having to read
the whole geometry file. It's also very flexible in terms of what it
can store. Add to that existing python interfaces, Maya and Houdini
support and it gets pretty attractive. I've already seen some
non-Houdini-friendly usage of the format, and so I have concerns about
it for use beyond geometry - which is why I'm also looking at protocol
buffers - but it seems to approaching industry standard status -
especially here in the San Francisco bay area where it originated.
It's written by some pretty serious industry professionals from this
neck of the woods.


On 22 March 2010 15:07, baykusderki at gmail.com <baykusderki at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am interested in the format. I have not heard it before but I will
> definetely check it out today.
> What are the strong points of GTO format compared to the others?
> thanks
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