[Sidefx-houdini-list] Delete by primitive group selection?

Ben Schrijvers ben.schrijvers at guerrilla-games.com
Mon Mar 8 04:01:29 EST 2010

Hi Rick,

This doesn't work at the moment.
But it is expected behaviour so maybe SESI will impliment it some day.


Rick Fuentealba wrote:
> Hey gang, I've been working with a lot of primitive groups lately and
> came across this interesting behaviour.
> It seems that when I select a bunch of objects via primitive group on
> the viewport,  and delete them or run some sort of operator, it uses
> the point numbers, instead of the actual primitive group.
> My question is has anyone been able to find a work around to this, so
> operations actually use the primitive group. Or is this something
> that's not possible at the time, or can it be scripted with python?
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