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craigleehoffman at aol.com craigleehoffman at aol.com
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Houdini 11 Apprentice won't run with a "License Error Unable to connect to hserver for license acquisition" pop-up.  H10 Apprentice will pop up the "Install noncommercial license" pop-up you normally get when you first install Apprentice.  Than when you hit "Next" and "Accept" on the EULA, I get a pop-up saying "Error installing key: SERVER LenovoLaptop ..*****...   Please ensure that the server code and signature of the SERVER key for LenovoLaptop are correct"

 The H11 License Server won't let me run the "Diagnostics Information" due to "No Valid License Found", but the H10 version does let me run it and see that there is an old SERVER key from the H10 installation at the bottom, but not one at the top with all the new Keys and it says "Has SERVER license:  No ".

I can send the H10 diagnostic information if you would like (figured I shouldn't post it to the list, though).  Would that be relevant?

Should I just uninstall H10 and H11 and try again?  Should I delete/edit the local licenses file?




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Hi Craig,

It could be that you already have a SERVER key installed in your

licenses.local file. What happens if you just try to launch Houdini now?

Can you post your diagnostic information.






>  I followed all the instructions to install H11 apprentice, but my SERVER

> key keeps getting rejected (the other keys were accepted fine).  I

> previously had H10 apprentice working and had no problem.  Now neither

> work.


> Any ideas?  This is on a Win7 64 bit laptop with Core i7, 8 GB RAM, ATI

> 5730 GPU, and I was having issues with the H11 License Administer not

> exiting without having to be killed by Windows (H10's License

> Administrator seemed fine).


> I wanted to get H11 Apprentice HD, but wanted to make sure Apprentice

> worked first.  Would HD have a simpler licensing setup, or is it pretty

> much exactly the same?


> Thanks for any help.


> Craig Hoffman



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