[Sidefx-houdini-list] Ubuntu, macs and Houdini

Alex Czetwertynski alex at franktheplumber.com
Fri Jul 23 21:31:41 EDT 2010

Yeah, I have been using Houdini on a MacPro and have found it to be
extremely stable.  The only cases I've seen beach balls are on pyro or fluid
sims, or on Mantra launch

I guess one of the questions is also how important it is to know Houdini
within the Ubuntu/Linux context wrt working with Houdini in production at FX
houses.  Is it usually considered a plus to be able to know your way around
a linux environment?  Is there anything that comes in more handy in terms of
file handling etc...?

On 7/23/10 6:27 PM, "Graham Thompson" <captainhammy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Depending on your needs I'd say it usually performs pretty good these
> days.  Seems to be a bit better with Houdini 11 also.  If you are
> launching it and using it from a terminal then it feels even more
> linux like.  There are still some random issues that can crop up
> (color picker still does't work real well I think) and maybe some
> weird environment gotchas but nothing really too annoying.  I used to
> have my MBP triple booted with Ubuntu installed and I did use it for
> some things when performance might be a bit better than in OS X or I
> was using specific custom Python things to build tools.  Now I just
> have a virtualized Ubuntu since I found myself not needing to use
> linux very much.  It's really dependent on how you work I guess.  Also
> nice having access to my Photoshop and stuff on OS X as opposed to
> having to use Gimp.  There's definitely things I wish the Mac could do
> better but I mostly get by and have been successfully doing it
> probably longer than anyone else who'd used it on Mac. I would say
> that the Mac version is probably not be as stable as linux.  Depending
> on your setup and the state of the Apple video drivers you might
> experience some weirdness visually sometime.  Also, I find that rather
> than crash out with a temp file and crash log, Houdini will just
> freeze up with the balloon ball of death.
> On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 5:57 PM, Alex Czetwertynski
> <alex at franktheplumber.com> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'm considering installing a Ubuntu partition on my mac to run Houdini.  I
>> feel being in a Unix environment will be a more "native" way of using
>> Houdini and understanding its file structure.
>> I am wondering what you guys think?  Is it still a better way to use Houdini
>> these days or does the mac version feel as stable and fully "native"?
>> Thanks
>> Alex
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