[Sidefx-houdini-list] Ubuntu, macs and Houdini

Graham Thompson captainhammy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 21:27:59 EDT 2010

Depending on your needs I'd say it usually performs pretty good these
days.  Seems to be a bit better with Houdini 11 also.  If you are
launching it and using it from a terminal then it feels even more
linux like.  There are still some random issues that can crop up
(color picker still does't work real well I think) and maybe some
weird environment gotchas but nothing really too annoying.  I used to
have my MBP triple booted with Ubuntu installed and I did use it for
some things when performance might be a bit better than in OS X or I
was using specific custom Python things to build tools.  Now I just
have a virtualized Ubuntu since I found myself not needing to use
linux very much.  It's really dependent on how you work I guess.  Also
nice having access to my Photoshop and stuff on OS X as opposed to
having to use Gimp.  There's definitely things I wish the Mac could do
better but I mostly get by and have been successfully doing it
probably longer than anyone else who'd used it on Mac. I would say
that the Mac version is probably not be as stable as linux.  Depending
on your setup and the state of the Apple video drivers you might
experience some weirdness visually sometime.  Also, I find that rather
than crash out with a temp file and crash log, Houdini will just
freeze up with the balloon ball of death.

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 5:57 PM, Alex Czetwertynski
<alex at franktheplumber.com> wrote:
> Hello
> I'm considering installing a Ubuntu partition on my mac to run Houdini.  I
> feel being in a Unix environment will be a more "native" way of using
> Houdini and understanding its file structure.
> I am wondering what you guys think?  Is it still a better way to use Houdini
> these days or does the mac version feel as stable and fully "native"?
> Thanks
> Alex
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