[Sidefx-houdini-list] Dynamic/Static Friction on property POP - Rigid body particles ?

Vinz ubik.lists at noos.fr
Wed Jul 21 07:39:06 EDT 2010


There are two intriguing properties on the property pop, dynamic 
friction and static friction and the help card talks about rigid bodies 
particles, how do you create these ? Else when are these properties used ?

Also I found a very old thread on the sideFX forum
talking about a RBDcreate POP which creates thoses Rigid Bodies 
particles, but the link to the odforce example is dead.

I'm aware of the popswithrbdcollision example but it's not using these.

I guess it's something that has been removed, and all that remains are 
the friction properties but I'm quite curious.

Thanks a lot for clearing things !


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