[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini TDs

chris chapman chris at cmgrafik.com
Tue Jul 20 21:36:32 EDT 2010

Blue Sky Studios will also be looking for Houdini TDs at SIGGY this 
year, stop by their booth and check it out.


Spencer Lueders wrote:
> Both Framestore London and Framestore New York offices are currently looking for FX TDs and both will be represented at the Launch Event.
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> Hi Everyone,
> There are studios worldwide looking for Houdini TDs.  Please let me know 
> if you are available for work, and when, and I'll pass your name along.  
> I thought I should update my list again since most of you who have 
> contacted me in the past are now working as TDs at one of those 
> facilities. :-)
> Please also note the following:
> Side Effects will be hosting a Houdini 11 launch event at Siggraph on 
> the evening of Tuesday, July 27.  Details and registration are available 
> on our website.
> There will also be a number of companies who will be recruiting people 
> at this event including Dr. D Studios, Framestore, ILM, Lucasfilm, 
> Digital Domain and Cinesite.
> We hope to see you there.
> Cheers,
> Janet

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