[Sidefx-houdini-list] RmanPtcSop - RenderMan point clouds in Houdini

Dan Bethell dan at pawfal.org
Sun Jan 31 20:30:56 EST 2010


I've just released some code for loading and previewing RenderMan point 
clouds in Houdini.


It's based on the open source dnPtcViewerNode project from DNeg so much 
kudos to them.

You can download the source from the github project page:

It's source only so you'll need to build it yourself, but I've included 
the Cmake script which I use to build it against Houdini (10.0.*) and 
3Delight 9.0 (or PRMan 15.0) on Linux x86_64 and Mac 10.5.

This was the first time I've really had cause to use the HDK seriously 
and it was quite an interesting experience. The best bit? Some of the 
HDK examples and the new bits of human-readable HDK documentation. The 
worst? Drowning in doxygen-undocumented class members :)

I'll probably blog a bit about it all in the near future but in the 
meantime I hope someone finds this code useful.


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