[Sidefx-houdini-list] How would you import multiple attributes into vex... arrays?

Andrew D Lyons tstexture at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 19:14:34 EST 2010

In a VOP situation where it was desirable to loop every point against
some arbitrary array of N int attrs (an array), you could create a
second geometry detail in a second SOP that had N points - each of
which had the int attr value. At that point you can create a VOP with
two inputs and loop the points in the first input against the points
in the second input. Use the point count VOP to count the size of the
array coming into the second input, and use that value as the end
input on a for VOP. insode the for VOP wire i into the ptnum input to
get each seperate attr in your array.

Hope that's enough to get you started...

2010/1/22 Robert Kelly <isstuff at gmail.com>:
> ok my email got cut off making a more complicated question look simple. This
> has happened before. this email should have > 20 lines in it
> I have a vop sop and i am looking to import a list of int point
> attributes such as...
> closest_pt_curve_0
> closest_pt_curve_1
> closest_pt_curve_2
> closest_pt_curve_3
> closest_pt_curve_4
> closest_pt_curve_?
> each attribute is needed to be tested against in a loop so if there are 18
> attributes the first loop will need closest_pt_curve_0 and the last
> closest_pt_curve_17. the documentation is a bit lite on for vex arrays. I
> would probably would need to concatenate "closest_pt_curve_" with a number
> too which i am not confident will work ether?
> i can turn what ever vex code into a VOP node later but for now i need some
> documentation or even someone to propose an answer my guess in pseudo code
> (python meets vex)
> def importAttribNum( stem="closest_pt_curve_",  attribNum=0):
>  int data = 0
>  import(stem + attribNum , data, 0)
>  return data
> any ideas
> Robert Kelly
> 2010/1/22 Robert Kelly <isstuff at gmail.com>:
>> I have a vop sop and i am looking to import a list of int point
>> attributes such as...
>> closest_pt_curve_
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