[Sidefx-houdini-list] Newer ATI cards any better with Houdini?

malexander malexander at sidefx.com
Tue Jan 12 23:29:30 EST 2010

craigleehoffman at aol.com wrote:
> So, is it therefore pretty safe to get an ATI card for a Windows only machine?
> (I always found it weird that Side Effects 'partnered' with ATI on things, but Houdini users always seemed to curse ATI cards...Of course, maybe the workstation ATI cards were fine...)
> Thanks,
> Craig

I'm a little hesitant to say 'yes' simply because the drivers always 
seem to take a dive after I do, but several users seem to be working 
with ATI cards on Windows alright. The one post I read that can help 
selection sluggishness is here:


With a laptop, driver updates are generally done through the laptop 
manufacturer, so if I were buying one, I'd check to see how frequently 
they post updates. Could make a big difference.

On an unrelated note, ATI cards have been very stable on the Mac lately, 
while Nvidia had some serious issues (which have been resolved). 
Recommending a card these days is almost like trying to forecast the 
weather :)


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