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Do you want all the feathers to be geometry (perhaps simple low-res proxy geometry only) seen in your interactive viewport so you can determine and fix interpenetration problems or animate them, etc.- or do you only need to see them at render time?  Are they large stiff type feathers like an eagle, or small fluffy/furry down-like feathers, etc.?

There is no "one size fits all" solution for feathers- the solution needs to fit the design and needs of your project.  Houdini allows an enormous amount of flexibility and power for how to address something like feathers.

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I am working on a project involves feathers on a bird like creature.  I need
ome help to see what's the best approach.  The creature will fly, but only
n medium shots and long shots, and there is one close up shot of the head.
 haven't found any tutorial on fur/feather system.  After researching, it
eems that to create feather, it's adding fur on a tube like geometry, then
opy/instance it to where you need it.  Does that sound right?  I never used
ur, I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right
irection. thanks.
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