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What I was talking about was an attribute that was created in pops, but needed to access in sops.  When this happens, you don't get the luxury of a variable being there to call up using $. You can however easily create a variable by using an attribute create sop and giving it the name of your existing particle attribute.  I mailed the question because for some reason this was giving me two instances of the attribute when I clicked MMB.  It may be as you said, and that I was trying to promote a vector to a float or something, because later on I fixed it without being aware of what I had done and there was only a single instance of the attribute in the mmb window.

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right click on the node and choose "Extended Information" and go to
the point attributes tab and you will be able to see what types your
attributes are. if you cant just fix it in the first place and need to
change type form float to int or the reverse or even consoladate 2
attributes that have the same name... I find the following a good
1. Appending an attribute sop deleting the attribute in question.
2. Create a vop_sop and in the first input plug in the attribute sop
and in the second plug in the node before the attribute sop
3. Inside the vop_sop use an import_attribute vop, set its attribute
name to the attribute you need, the input to 1 and the type to float
or int depending on which one you need.
4. plug that into an add_attribute_vop. You can put in an
int_to_float_vop or a float_to_int_vop depending on your purposes.
5. if you want a local variable you will need to enter the uppercase
name of the variable in the "Local Variable Name" parameter if this is
left blank no local variable will be created.

i only recently started using the add attribute vop and i love it it
is simple and creates the local variable. Before i used to use a
parameter vop and set it to export there were way too many clicks
involved in this and the local variable wasn't created. Any idea when
this node was added?

I hope this helps someone somewhere.

Robert Kelly

On 23 February 2010 14:50, Robert D.M. Smith <robert.dm.smith at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is this one of those times when you have the same attribute name but
> different types (float vs integer)?
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 1:26 PM, Steve Tucker <Steve.Tucker at starz.com>wrote:
>> Nevermind... I don't know what I was doing... somehow it was there twice a
>> moment ago... but not now and I don't think I changed anything :-/
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>  Rob
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