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Gene Dreitser keyframe at rogers.com
Sun Feb 21 23:24:59 EST 2010

Hello David,

If cost is an issue, I recommend skipping the Quadro card, and go for a GeForce instead.  Throw the difference at *MOAR* RAM.
I've been running GeForce in a production environment for years, and haven't had enough issues to warrant the cost difference.


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From: David McBride <david00289 at yahoo.com>

Hi All,
I'm looking at getting a number of new systems for a training center where i work and this was suggested:

MB: ASUS P5e64wspro
CPU: Q9550 Quad core
GC: QuadroFX1500

I'm wondering if that is a special socket and if so if there is any future for this type of CPU.  I'm seeing alot of cpus faster in some online benchmarks but none of them quad core.  

We want to buy smart and cheap. Does anyone have suggestions or advice?  Would it be better to buy a board that was i7-975 compatible with a slower processor and thus be able to upgrade to i7-975 when prices come down? Should we get DDR3? Are there better choices for display cards?

Any advice or warnings would be greatly appreciated.

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