[Sidefx-houdini-list] chops and docs

Andy Nicholas andy at andynicholas.com
Fri Feb 19 13:45:53 EST 2010

Here's a non-audio tutorial for you. Pretty simple one but there's some
details in there that might help


> there are many parts in houdini's docs about: particles, dynamics,
> animation, lighting, etc, but I don't see anything like this about chops,
> yes there are channel nodes description and that's all, all other parts
> have more attention so one can know how to start to work with but not
> with chops, some advnaced users say chops are so cool, powerfull, etc,
> etc but yeahh just try to start with it when you just have nodes
> description and don't see the whole concept, also tutorials I've found
> talk about chops+audio, I don't care about audio, I know many use it for
> motion, remember article also when DD said it was used by them in grinch
> ...
> do you hear me sesi SESI
> or anybody
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