[Sidefx-houdini-list] chops and docs

baq baq8 at op.pl
Fri Feb 19 06:39:18 EST 2010

there are many parts in houdini's docs about: particles, dynamics, 
animation, lighting, etc, but I don't see anything like this about chops,

yes there are channel nodes description and that's all, all other parts 
have more attention so one can know how to start to work with but not 
with chops, some advnaced users say chops are so cool, powerfull, etc, 
etc but yeahh just try to start with it when you just have nodes 
description and don't see the whole concept, also tutorials I've found 
talk about chops+audio, I don't care about audio, I know many use it for 
motion, remember article also when DD said it was used by them in grinch ...

do you hear me sesi SESI

or anybody

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