[Sidefx-houdini-list] build a poly mesh from a vertex position face connection list

katrin schmid Katisss at gmx.de
Thu Feb 18 17:20:24 EST 2010

switching on display points number shows i have indeed
double the amount of points in the scene i should have.
I draw the faces like this:

prim_poly_ptr = dynamic_cast<GEO_PrimPoly *>(gdp->appendPrimitive(GEOPRIMPOLY));

    	for(point_idx = 0; point_idx < m_faceList[j].size() ; point_idx++)
	   		prim_poly_ptr->appendVertex( added_points[ m_faceList[j][point_idx]] )

Scary, any way to avoid this?
Best Regards,
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