[Sidefx-houdini-list] Orthographic camera projection

Andy Nicholas andy at andynicholas.com
Sun Feb 14 17:03:03 EST 2010

Isn't an orthographic camera projection just a planar projection? (In
which case the Ortho Width would probably describe the extent in world
space of the 0 to 1 range in U.)

> Hi,
> I've created an otl to do camera projection at render time in vop. It
> works fine with perspective view taking into account the focal, res,
> pixel aspect ratio and aperture. To make sure this is gonna be
> compatible with camera projection made in other software I wanted to
> include the orthographic projection. However, after analysing the
> uvtexture node with an orthographic camera, I've noticed that none of
> the above parameters are taken into account. The only one is "Ortho
> Width". So I went in Maya and camera projections don't seem to work with
> orthographic camera.
> My question is, have any of you ever seen an orthographic camera
> projection? I feel I'm trying to do something that is not logical for
> some reason :(
> Thanks for the inputs and also let me know if some of you would like me
> to put it on the exchange.
> François
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