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I don't think the Core i5 hyperthreads (although I could be wrong on this).  I think only the Core i7's hyperthread.  What makes it even more confusing is I think that Core i7 no longer necessarily means "Quad-Core" due to some changes in the branding- there are some hyperthreading dual core CPUs in some laptops that are called "Core i7".  Again, I could be wrong on this- but make sure you get what you think you are getting.

Also, I think Hyperthreading is useless to Houdini now, and may not do much of anything on Linux, but my feeling is it might be a useful thing in the future as Houdini gets more threaded and Windows7 does a better job with threading, etc.  I know it does make a difference in some 3D renderers.

But hyperthreading does help in a lot of other things you might be using your PC for.


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My experience, including with the i7, is that Hyperthreading is 100%
seless. I usually turn it off in the BIOS to prevent "fake" CPUs
eing reported.
Others may disagree :) I use Houdini DOPs and Mantra with a variety of
hreading settings when I tested. No increase in speed with HT on.
PeteR B
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 OK I found some other questions, I noticed the Xeons are the same processors 
s the corresponding i5 or i7, so the question whether Xeons are better or not 
s out, with them being the same, but I noticed a big difference in checking 
nformation, that AMD doesnt have hyper threading and intel does, does hyper 
hreading largely affect 3D software? If so I would assume intel is the way to 
 I looking at bang for buck a Quad Core PhenomII 3.4 w/ 8MB cache is priced to 
 i5 Dual core 3.4 w/ 8MB cache and Hyper threading
 what your opinion, I would think the raw power out weighs the hyper Threading, 

 Justin Reeves

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> Hi boys and girls, Ive been out of the computer loop for some years now. I 
eed to build a couple $1000 (already have monitors)3D workstations for a 
ompany for a new job I have, their computers are dinosaurs. Need some info on 
hats new in the world for a 3D station, havent built a machine in 5-7 years. 
ouple questions and any input helpful as usual.
> Is a Quadro card worth the money, what card is a better option for the price 
 Quadro, a GT###, or a couple 9800GT,s in SLI?
> Is SLI reliable enough?
> What about price and reliability of Intel VS. AMD i noticed a Phenom II X4 
.4Gig MB and CPU are cheap, is the equivalent Intel priced MB/CPU a better or 
orse bang for the buck, also reliability? Friend tells me to buy i7 but price 
ifference is drastic, is it worth it?
> RAM, what to look for for decent RAM, name brands, speeds.....
> HD, is it reliable to run striped drives for the speed increase or is the 
peed difference not worth the reliability.
> These are just some of the question that came up so far, any information 
ould help, Ive been out of touch with the computer/3D world for a while now, 
ell since Houdini7, OUCH!
> Thanks again
> Justin Reeves
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