[Sidefx-houdini-list] [soho] Ramp parameter to shader

Szymon Kapeniak szymon.kapeniak at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 18:07:41 EST 2010

Thank you Mark. I definitely should explain myself better. My concern
had a different matter:
 we have a custom light with ramp parameter on its body. Light is
using modified asad light shader with ramp usage similarly to your
example. The question was how to wrangle inside soho this ramp
parameter on our lights, to send it further to a ifd, just like any
other light parameter in Houdini.

Until know I was adding custom parameters to Houdini's light object
easily (they were controlled by non-ramp parameters). since I was
relying on existing HoudiniLightIFD.py which is good example of
dealing with floats, vectors and such. Now, first time I wanted to use
ramps and found out that Houdini's ifd light wrangler doesn't deal
with them (at least I couldn't find any note of it).

As I sad previously I finally used hou module to "manually" get basis,
keys, and values inside light wrangler and send it further, but I have
a feeling there is a good reason soho doesn't use hou at all, so this
hack somehow rises my fear. Still. it works for now pretty good.

2010/2/4 Mark Elendt <mark at sidefx.com>:
> On Wednesday Feb 03 at 02:00, Szymon Kapeniak wrote:
>> Does any one know how to send  a ramp parameter to light shader via
>> soho? String or floats are obvious thanks to existing light wranglers,
>> but how about arrays necessary to use ramps? I'm not sure how to
>> proceed with string, float and vector arrays in soho.
> I'm not sure I understand completely what the issue is.
> Do you mean like the attached (does the list accept attachments, we'll
> find out soon)?
> If you save out the .vfl file from the VOP network, you should be able
> to see the pragmas required etc.
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> Mark Elendt
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