[Sidefx-houdini-list] Perlin Noise with Turbulence and other types of noise ?

Vinz ubik.lists at noos.fr
Thu Aug 12 05:20:07 EDT 2010

Thanks for the answers, it cleared up some things, I did a bit more 
research and understood how to get the noise type on the third row on 
this web page
which is called there perlin with turbulence, that's the name in 3DS Max 
(and also in After Effects) which is a bit misleading.

It's the absolute value of a perlin, then summed with fractal 
iterations. Tried it by summing mannually a couple antialiased noise 
vops but I'll probably write my own function as you said.
It's quite different than taking the absolute value of the fractal 
summed perlin.

It's present in afterburn for 3dsmax and I found it interesting for 
texturing density balls, looks puffier.

Also the cellular round on the web page looks in fact much more like (1 
- worley/voronoi) which is what misled me as well.

I played a bit with remapping noise with ramps, using the output of a 
first noise in the position of second noise, lots of fun to have, now I 
understand how the 14 types of noise in Cinema 4D are done :)

There are also more exotic kind of noise on the same web page 
like Worley Voronoi F2-F1, Manhattan and Chebychev Distance Metrics (?), 
which looks interesting as well and more difficulte to obtain ?

What's the alligator noise in Houdini by the way ?

Thanks again.

ps : sorry for the spelling mistake in the title

On 12/08/2010 00:39, Mario Marengo wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 August 2010 06:20:37 pm Alvin Yap wrote:
>> If I am not mistaken, you are looking for the Anti-Aliased Noise VOP?
>> Playing with the roughness and octaves should bring you similar results.
>> If not, the Noise VEX function is perlin noise; you can write your own vex
>> code using that. I write my own noise code in vex using noise() in order to
>> have lacunarity controls.
>> Cell noise is available out of the box with vops: Look for the cellular
>> noise vop? Fractal cellular noise is interesting, I don't think the
>>   cellular noise vop has it out of the box, but again, could use vex to
>>   write it.
> ... or you could copy the noise functions in the pyro shader (vex).

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