[Sidefx-houdini-list] Flamethrower effect help?

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Sun Aug 1 22:45:01 EDT 2010

I cannot really help regarding Pyro but I'm about to create a fire 
explosion shot in slow motion and I will do my first R&D with particles 
with a Particle Fluid Surface followed by a deformation based on the 
normal. On this you apply a shader where the opacity is driven by the 
facing ratio. The smoke is actually the same simulation and surface as 
the fire but you use only the alpha in comp and tint it with a black color.

You can have a look on a test I did at home. www.trinix.ca and go under 
the demo section to the fire skull.

It may not be a good way to go for a flame thrower but it can give ideas 
maybe to complement your main effect or just the smoke etc. Maybe I'm 
wrong to take that path but the reason why I want to try it this way is 
to have more control. You can more easily shape the fire I think.


Raymond Chua wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Recently, I am trying to create a flamethrower effect in Houdini but I faced
> a few issues.
> I am trying use pyro tools to create the effects and I have 2 questions for
> now.
> How do I get the flames to turn into smoke after a certain frames, rise up
> in the air and vanish?
> I understand that the pryo solver uses a layer for fire and another for
> smoke.
> Another question is that since my flamethrower effect is coming off from a
> "gun", how to make it so that it looks like it is "shooting out"?
> Hopefully, someone can give me some assistance. Thanks! =)
> Regards,
> Ray
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