[Sidefx-houdini-list] Forward Kinematics in Houdini

Pablo Giménez pablogipi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 13:47:13 EDT 2010

2010/4/30 Edward Lam <edward at sidefx.com>

> Pablo Giménez wrote:
> > Another thing, what is the different between InverseKin CHOP and
> IKSolver.
> > The performance is the same?
>  > When is better to use one or the other?
> The IKSolver is meant to work with mocap markers where each bone can
> reach for an arbitrary number of markers. So it's not really comparable.
> For traditional character rigs, use the InverseKin CHOP.
Ok good to know

> > And finally using InverseKin it doesnt explicitelly overrides nothing in
> the
> > bones parameters, so I guess it is puting the rotation transforms in the
> > bone's pretransform????
> The bone object has a "Kinematic Solver" parameter that indicates the
> path to the InverseKin CHOP to use for its rotations when computing its
> local transform. By doing so, this frees the Bone's regular rotation
> parameter for FK keyframe animation.
Makes sense.
So the blend parameter controls when the bone will use the rotations from
CHOP  or from its own rotations, isn't it?

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> -Edward
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