[Sidefx-houdini-list] Rendering NURBs... again...

Abdelkareem Abonamous anamous at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 08:27:18 EDT 2010

I'm sure that this topic has come up before (heck, I might have  
contributed to that at some point, just can't recall any of it).

Trying to render NURBs straight as NURBS (as opposed to pre- 
tessellating). And I keep running into artifacts, specially around  
trim edges (tiny gaps between the trimmed surfaces). The models come  
in as IGES out of rhino, and both rhino and 3dsmax render them without  
artifacts at all, but despite my hardest effort (using all sorts of  
weird coving/no-coving/dicing methodology voodoo), I can't make the  
gaps disappear. Converting to polys is prohibitive due to very heavy  
models and big closeups. I thought that IGES might be the issue  
(accuracy), so I scaled up the original in rhino by about 100,  
exported it then, and the same problem shows up. And besides, 3dsmax  
dealt with the same IGES file just fine.

It's immensely frustrating and It's driving me insane :D FYI I'm  
rendering in micropoly mode and there is no raytracing involved so far  
(so it can't be a raytracing bias issue). Any tips out there?


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