[Sidefx-houdini-list] connect RBD objects to a cloth object in DOPS

Erika Salatiello tictacer at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 21 02:02:40 EDT 2010

Hi All, 

I am using the new plastic deformation tools in the cloth object in DOPS.  I have a helicopter tail that gets ripped off from the body of the copter and smashes into the ground denting as it hits things. Because cloth is topology based, I stripped the tail down to the most basic section that needs to dent.  I have my tail ripping and denting properly but now I need to add BACK on the complicated end piece with the rotor and the little rear wing/fin thing. 

Attached is a pic of the helicopter - http://www.saigon-gpdaily.com.vn/dataimages/original/images148998_copter.jpg

 again - considering just the tail portion - the tube part is a dented cloth object stripped of the rear wings and big circle rotor stuff.  I don't need to dent either of those but I need them to be RBD objects in the same sim. 

Basically, because the initial motion is based off the tail splitting, I need to get the other pieces to follow it - BUT it's possible as everything falls, the rear area will hit first so as far as I can see everything has to stay in the same sim.  

I tried using RBD pin constraints but can only attach them to the object as a whole or to a location in world space - I can't figure out how to get it to work off specific points on the object.  The SBD constraint tools would allow me to pick a specific point, but the monster rotor piece is too complex to turn into a cloth object just for the sake of pinning/parenting. 

Most of the help docs are concerned with pinning wires and soft bodies to rigid bodies, but i'm having a difficult time finding some way to swap that and have the RBD objects follow the dented object.  

I haven't checked out the DOPS grouping options - but more because I haven't found any good examples of how to use them.   The rivet obj seems to be object based although maybe I can pipe those into dops to use as constraints? 

Thanks for any suggestions,

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