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François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Sat Apr 17 10:12:08 EDT 2010

And with a Vop Pop you can have lots of control on the behavior of the 
global force and letting the sph make the particles stick together.


Szymon Kapeniak wrote:
>>> I've looked at the orbit node but it seems like it orbits a bunch of
>>> particles around another particle, my problem is to fill new particles
>>> (probably to a position where the density is below a threshold) into a
>>> fluid
>>> simulation...
>>> I'm quite new in DOPs/POPs in houdini (although I'm much more experienced
>>> with SOPs), so I don't know how to setup a system that adds new particles
>>> to
>>> an ongoing simulation...
>>> Thank you...
> How close you can come to Fusion demos this is another story of
> course, but my suggestion would be to dive into sph solver in DOPs and
> look around. Basically it consists with a series of microsolvers
> computing different qualities of fluids. You can turn on / turn off
> any of them (open asset and start play with it) - I think only density
> is mandatory for other solvers to work properly. You can for example
> turn off all external forces and pipe a pop solver instead to a chain.
> If you point it to a pop network (like the one created for you by a
> shelf tool "Particle Fluid from Object", you can control fluids like
> they were particles, but they look rather like computed by sph. I
> suspect this is what is happening in Fusion demos inside RF.
>> 2010/4/17 Alex Czetwertynski <alex at franktheplumber.com>:
>> I was at a presentation at DMALA where the Fusion guy was showing this.  He made a big point about it being a Realflow solution only.
> Perhaps in terms of amount of particles which practically can be
> computed, this can be done by RF only.
>> I think you should have been more specific in what about the example you
>> were looking to recreate. François' suggestion of the orbit pop would be for
>> making the particles move in the vortex, but my guess is that you're trying
>> to make the water stay in a nice thin sheet as it moves. That is a much
>> harder task. Maybe you could contact the guy from Fusion CIS to see if you
>> could license his solver and use it in DOPs. Just a thought.
> Aren't they using vanilla Realflow with custom scripting?
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