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Szymon Kapeniak szymon.kapeniak at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 04:57:46 EDT 2010

>> I've looked at the orbit node but it seems like it orbits a bunch of
>> particles around another particle, my problem is to fill new particles
>> (probably to a position where the density is below a threshold) into a
>> fluid
>> simulation...
>> I'm quite new in DOPs/POPs in houdini (although I'm much more experienced
>> with SOPs), so I don't know how to setup a system that adds new particles
>> to
>> an ongoing simulation...
>> Thank you...

How close you can come to Fusion demos this is another story of
course, but my suggestion would be to dive into sph solver in DOPs and
look around. Basically it consists with a series of microsolvers
computing different qualities of fluids. You can turn on / turn off
any of them (open asset and start play with it) - I think only density
is mandatory for other solvers to work properly. You can for example
turn off all external forces and pipe a pop solver instead to a chain.
If you point it to a pop network (like the one created for you by a
shelf tool "Particle Fluid from Object", you can control fluids like
they were particles, but they look rather like computed by sph. I
suspect this is what is happening in Fusion demos inside RF.

> 2010/4/17 Alex Czetwertynski <alex at franktheplumber.com>:
> I was at a presentation at DMALA where the Fusion guy was showing this.  He made a big point about it being a Realflow solution only.

Perhaps in terms of amount of particles which practically can be
computed, this can be done by RF only.

> I think you should have been more specific in what about the example you
> were looking to recreate. François' suggestion of the orbit pop would be for
> making the particles move in the vortex, but my guess is that you're trying
> to make the water stay in a nice thin sheet as it moves. That is a much
> harder task. Maybe you could contact the guy from Fusion CIS to see if you
> could license his solver and use it in DOPs. Just a thought.

Aren't they using vanilla Realflow with custom scripting?

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