[Sidefx-houdini-list] Will Ramps premote from a vopSop to an obj to a subnet happly

Rangi Sutton rangi.sutton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 19:23:12 EDT 2010

2010/4/13 François Duchesneau <sidefx at trinix.ca>

> Correct me if I'm wrong but the method you're talking about cannot be
> used in a vop meant for shading and it might not be as fast as a ramp
> vop.

That is very true.

> That brings me to say that we need more control on the ramps, i.e.
> bezier or other flexible type of interpolation and the ability to expand
> the window the ramp widget for more precision in the placement of points.

This is also true. Ramps are great. The widget needs work. Using ch() over
ramps where possible is so cool because you have everything the channel
editor has.. including putting expressions in the segments. But also..
zooming in and making the window big! That ramp widget just kinda sits there

I'm sure there's a list of RFE's on ramps that sidefx are picking over.


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