[Sidefx-houdini-list] change geometry w/out triangulating

Simon Barrick simon at primalpictures.com
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I'm not aware of any tool that will let you reduce poly counts without triangulation. You could do it manually by selecting and dissolving edge loops. You might also need the facet sops remove inline points to clean up before any further subdividing operations.
Also never seen a subdivide operation that will let you choose the direction of subdivision. However if you have nice regular patches you can convert to meshes and do all manner of operations to increase or decrease the resolution in u and v.

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I'm curious if anyone knows a good node or way to reduce and increase polys on geometry.  

The object I am working with is nice clean quads.  I DO NOT want to triangulate the shape.  I have more than enough polys in the Y direction and not enough in X.  I was surprised when I went to use the subdivide sop that it would only work on all the polys evenly and I couldn't choose to control the direction.  I think I am forgetting about another sop that does this?  

Also, for reducing geo, the polyreduce sop is not ideal since it's again working via triangulating and the facet sop (consolidate points etc.) seems to also be choosing to consolidate via triangulation.  

I am hoping to get some low rez proxy geos later this week from the modelers but any quick tips would be appreciated.  

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