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Steve Tucker Steve.Tucker at Starz.com
Fri Oct 16 10:00:52 EDT 2009

Is it possible to use comps as the Background Image in H10 cameras?   I've tried op:/img/comp1/color1 but it keeps giving me:

Error:       Unrecognized file type "op:/img/comp1/color1 : No such file or directory".
             Unrecognized file type "op:/img/comp1/color1 : No such file or directory".

Something that I'm doing wrong?  Or is this not implemented?

 - Steve

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I've got a voxel fluid simulation that runs on a animated creature and I
had problems with collision until I realized I had to bring the point
velocity into Dop.

However, even if it now works to move a rigid body the fluid still
penetrate inside the body.

I've loaded the example file "SourceVorticlesAndCollision" and even if the
fluid interact with the moving box because of the velocity, a part of the
density goes through the box and is deleted when the box leave the place.

This is the same problem I've got with my fx except that in my case I emit
from the surface in the same direction where the surface goes and it
"eats" my smoke.

Is it possible to have real fluid collision in Houdini?


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