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Fri Jan 23 09:52:33 EST 2009

Hi all,
   I have run across a curiosity and wonder if one of y'all might have an
explanation.  I recently upgraded my Home PC where I do a lot of my set up work.
 However, I also use it as a rendering station as well.   I first upgraded my
processor from a Q6600 quad to one of the new I7 chips.  Incredible difference. 
Cut my render times by half or as much as two thirds depending on the scene. 
(The beastier the render, the better the improvement.  I also decided to upgrade
the video card and did so a few days after I switched out the processor so that I
could cobble together an extra machine to do editing with when the big thesis
renders are going (all the time.)  I went from an old Nvidia 8800 GTS (384 MB
version) to a Radeon 4850 with a full gig of video memory.  When I started
rendering again, I found an unexpected surprise.  My render times had been cut by
almost 1/3 from before the video upgrade.  As far as I knew, video memory and GPU
only effected open GL type real time render speeds, but not the sort of rendering
I do, I was under the impression that if you had plenty of ram, it was all about
the CPU to increase render speeds.  Any ideas?  I'm stumped.


p.s.  Yes I know a quadro or Fire GL is supposed to be better, but I am on the
grad student budget.

On Thu Jan 22 20:23 , Rangi Sutton <rangi at kanuka.com.au> sent:

>Lucio Flores wrote:
>> Thanks!!
>> Is there an expression returning the dimensions of a houdini volume?
>To get size (not res) isolate the volume prim into it's own SOP, then 
>use bbox()?
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