[Sidefx-houdini-list] render farms, pipelines and file systems

Mark Story mstory at xion.org
Mon Jan 12 12:45:58 EST 2009

Hi Moritz,

Yea, toss the source my way, I'd love to see it.

I've used Solaris' Cache FS in the past with good success, had no idea 
it was ported to Linux land.  Thanks for the info Jason!


> Paolo Berto wrote:
>> in 3Delight RenderMan you can rely on the "network cache" for
>> textures, maps and archives.
>> All the details are here:
>>      http://www.3delight.com/en/uploads/docs/3delight/3delight_55.html
> During my last job at a big facility in London, I wrote a cache lib that 
> replicates the 3Delight network cache's behavior with some extras (e.g. 
> # of retries). This also was exposed as a shadeop DSO in PRMan. The call 
> is totally transparent to the user.
> e.g.:
>    color foo = texture(cacheFile(textureName));
> Since I wrote this in my spare time, the code is mine and I plan to make 
> it OSS as soon as I find the time to look over the code again and clean 
> it up a bit.
> The lib is thread-safe and the DSO is a new RSL plugin operating on 
> grids. So any tests are just done once per grid and if one uses 
> class-based shaders, it can be limited to once per shader instance.
> I think it would be /very/ easy to port this to a VEX shadeop.
> Also comes with a scripting binding (tested with Python) via SWIG.
> If anyone's interested to use this b4 I find the time, I'm happy to 
> throw a source archive your way. The lib should compile on any platform 
> where boost is available. It uses boost::filesystem, so it should even 
> work with weird windoze paths[tm].
> Beers,
> Moritz
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