[Sidefx-houdini-list] Time warp woes solved

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Thu Jan 8 10:51:29 EST 2009

Hey all,
    I figured out a solution working on Nick's second suggestion.  When pulling
from the Popmerge you don't need the cache or timeblend nodes if you use
sufficient oversampling to get smooth motion with timewarp.  I've never needed to
use this parm, so did not think of this, but as I was playing with solution 2 I
made the intuitive leap.  The trick is that the the over sample value must be the
same as the slow down ratio...  IE Over sample value of 3 for one third speed. 
In theory, with something like 1:2.5 speed you would need to multiply the that
number until you get a whole number and that number is the over sample value you
need.  Me, I am going to keep it simple.  Been beating my head on this enough. 
Hope this helps someone else who might run across this problem.  Thanks for the
suggestions.  Would not have thought of this with out them.


On Wed Jan  7 16:50 , <gravatar at gravatonia.com> sent:

>Okies Folks,
>   I am really getting frustrated with timewarp  It works beautifully for the
>first 150-200 frames then it totally flips out, inverting a twisting my particle
>sim.  I have tried applying it both to a bgeo sequence and a pop merge and it
>does the same thing.  As suggested, I am doing File or Pop Merge -> Cache ->
>Timeblend -> TimeWarp.  This did fix the problem with timewarp skipping frames
>instead of interpelating them, but this sim twisting is an even worse problem. 
>Only other thing that I can think to do is rebuilding my pop networks and perhaps
>even the force sop networks they depend on, because they were originally built in
>Houdini 8.  Has anyone else had a problem like I am describing?  Any suggestions
>other that a network rebuild?
>p.s.  Where does the cache sop stash what it is caching?  Just curious.
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