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Tue Jan 6 20:28:25 EST 2009

  From your original message, I would infer that purpose of $HSITE is to simplify the access to one particular component of the HOUDINI_PATH, namely the portion that includes your home directory.
  I personally try to avoid setting any of the HOUDINI_*_PATH env vars over the general HOUDINI_PATH.  The reason being that consistency in searchpaths is very handy to predict where you can put files and have them successfully get picked up.  The downside is that the more items in the HOUDINI_PATH, the slower things can get.  (There's a new hconfig var called HOUDINI_ICON_PATH or HOUDINI_UI_PATH that is one of the few that I would set).
  But back to $HSITE: for many versions of Houdini we've now had /home/antoine/houdini9.5:/home/antoine/houdini9:/home/antoine/houdini:... in the HOUDINI_PATH.  Every new version of Houdini we have to adjust that.  It seems HSITE is to 1) make home directories OS agnostic, and 2) make it more Houdini version agnostic.

-- Antoine

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On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 1:48 PM, Michael K O'Brien  wrote:

> Hmm. I haven't had any problems setting Houdini env vars on Windows.

It's not so much having problems setting the variables, just trying to
figuring out how to use them efficiently & effectively :)

> Here's what I set:
> HOUDINI_DSO_PATH=c:\src\pixar\src\mobrien-globaltrees-r25\inst\windows-mobri
> en-dbg;&
> HOUDINI_PATH=c:\src\pixar\src\mobrien-globaltrees-r25\inst\windows-mobrien-d
> bg;&
> Can you just set HOUDINI_PATH to the dir right above the toolbar directory?

Yep, I can do that too and everything works. I'm still curious to hear if
others just use HOUDINI_PATH or HSITE and what the pros/cons are. I'm just
looking into how to deal with Houdini from both a local & site-wide
management pov.

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