[Sidefx-houdini-list] object merging stategies for point1 and camOrigins

Georg Duemlein rdg at preset.de
Mon Jan 5 04:48:01 EST 2009


I want to pick your brains for strategies regarding object merging of 
NULL/point1 and Camera/camOrigin and such.

If object merging a null/camera into sops the objecMergeSOP picks the 
display node for import, unless you point it to the correct node.
Which never happens if you drag and drop the null/camera into a 
parameter of a HDA, for example.

Do you rely on responsible user interaction?
Or have a script in the object merge that tries to figure out if the 
merged node is a camera or null or something completely different?

I always wondered about this naming inconsistency of cam and null origins.


Georg Duemlein

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