[Sidefx-houdini-list] Modeling questions

Dragos Stefan ds_list at dsg.ro
Wed Feb 18 11:27:34 EST 2009

Nicholas Pliatsikas wrote:
> Yup of course getting all the basic working correctly is always needed. But my point being is why should we have invest in another modelling app when we could have a more all in one solution. Lightwave, maya , max and xsi can do it , ok some not as good as others but they all have a much easier to use modelling environment. 
And they lack lots of other stuff which Houdini had for years. It's just 
a problem of where every app chooses to focus.
> This stuff does come into play when you have a pipeline based around houdini, it does over complicate things when people realise they need to take geometry data out of houdini, do something to it, then bring it back in.
I agree that might make things difficult, but you can model in Houdini 
anyway if attribute processing is what you need in the first place. It's 
not like you can't model at all in Houdini, just that *some* type of 
models are much slower to do than in other packages (and some faster).  
In other apps you can model better but attribute processing is hell, so 
choose your poison, depending on which part of the process is more 
important for the current job.
> Anyway modelling is not the reason why people use houdini so the need for a much more improved system may be controlled by that.
To be honest, there are few cases where I see the reason of modeling in 
my main "animation system" app, be it Houdini, Maya, Softimage etc. I 
know lots of people do it (and actually we do  exactly that) because 
it's convenient  to be in one software, but if suddenly the need for a 
lot of modeling would arise in my studio, I wouldn't solve it by buying 
more Houdini lics, but by buying some dedicated modeling app seats. It 
doesn't make sense to use one valuable Houdini license (or XSI, or Maya) 
for the modeling of some creature when those lics could be much more 
useful doing animation, FX, shading etc.
And I see the industry going there anyway, as the typical workflow now 
seems to bring models in external packages like ZBrush or Mudbox anyway. 
So how many organic models are staying in one app for all the stages of 


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