[Sidefx-houdini-list] Water Light Effects And the Trail Sop

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Mon Feb 16 11:43:50 EST 2009

Howdy all,
    I have two separate questions which are more or less unrelated.  I need to
create an underwater lighting scene, but am a little stumped on how to get rays
of light in Houdini.  The is a lit fog shop that I wanted to try, but I could not
find anything that it plugs into.  If one of y'all could give me a general
starting point on where to look, I would appreciate.  The light beams are the
only thing I really have left to do in the scene.  I know how to do it in other
apps, but comping it in in post would be very challenging.
    Question 2, I am playing around with the trail sop trying to create strings
from a particle sim.  I get lines between the trail points, but I want renderable
geometry like a tube.  Spent most of last night playing with various nurb
functions (I usually poly model so I had to really refresh my memory.)  I haven't
found anything that works properly.  Closest I came was using bridge but it also
generated geometry between the ends of the separate strings. If y'all could point
me in the right direction on this as well, I would appreciate it.


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