[Sidefx-houdini-list] Weird cooking problems

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 Also, sometimes just turning on other objects causes the already turned on objects to re-cook...

I forgot to mention this is on an 8 core Centos 4.7 Linux box with 8 GB of RAM and a recent NVidia workstation GPU.



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I have 3 Objects that each have CopyStamping going on inside of them.? Most of 
the complex stuff has been cached out to bgeo files or locked in the networks.? 
Each one by itself (only it is turned on) is lightning fast to move around in 
the Viewport at the OBJ level or to dive in and out of with no re-cooking (as is 
expected due to no external references and no updating really being needed), but 
when two or more of them are turned on, every selection of one of them, or 
interactively moving a transform handle at the Object level, or diving into 
SOPs, or jumping up from SOPs causes a very slow re-cook, with major time hits 
on the Copy SOPs (from the Performance Monitor), even though nothing is being 
changed- just selecting them or grabbing a transform handle, etc.? There is 
nothing affecting these to cause them to re-cook, but yet they do.? They do 

I tried upping the COP Cache and the OBJ Cache to the max in the preferences 
thinking that it must be losing the memory due to them all being on (and they 
aren't that big or crazy), but this didn't help.? Again, one at a time they are 
lightning fast, but with two everything grinds to a halt.? 

Anyone have any ideas?? The second two were each copied from the first, but I 
made sure there are no references where one relies on anything in another- could 
something I am not aware of be colliding?? 


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