[Sidefx-houdini-list] Some python questions...

guillaume laforge guillaume at alamaison.fr
Thu Feb 12 05:47:15 EST 2009


I can't find a way to create a spare parameter in python !

The only related methods seems to be  "addSpareParmTuple". But I don't
want to add a vector parameter, just a float (I can't find something
like "addSpareParm" ).
Trying the "addSpareParmTuple", I can't figure out how to define the
"parm_template" argument ?

I'm also trying to find a parameter in a specific folder and it always
fail. Here is a snippet :

nullObj = hou.node('obj').createNode('null')

It returns an "OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed." message.

Is it possible to create a spare parameter in Python in a specific folder ?

It looks like I miss something really simple but I can't find the light :/.


Guillaume Laforge
3d Technical Director

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