[Sidefx-houdini-list] promotion options

Justin Martin justin at dneg.com
Wed Feb 11 06:49:37 EST 2009

Stop it.  Let it go man, let it go.

Get back to the beach.

Louis Dunlevy wrote:
> Hey
> Call me crazy but... there used to be options for the automatic naming
> of promoted parameters, specifically whether to inherit the source node
> name or not so you could choose "diff" over "sourcenodename_diff" as a
> sensible default..
> Unrelated but how does one auto archive now? Doesn't seem possible and I
> remember Dan ranting about this ages ago, must be missing something..
> And..  can you do the old hack of putting $OBJNAME or similar on a
> Mantra Delayed Load shop? Instead of having $OS on the old fashioned
> auto archive string..
> hmmm.. still digging through all this new stuff!
> L
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