[Sidefx-houdini-list] mantra "clusterThis" procedural geometry DSO - new version available - v1.4.5

Mark Story mstory at xion.org
Wed Feb 11 00:11:42 EST 2009


OK, I have a better mechanism for the CVEX support, and added the 
velocity based motion blur for point instancing.

1) For point instancing P, as well as v, N, Cd, Alpha and pscale are 
passed to the VEX engine and returned; id is passed in too but not 
returned. Therefore you can alter any attribute including the point's 

2) For primitive, metaball and file instancing P is not sent & returned 
to the VEX engine, (this is because I'm dealing with primitive 
attributes as opposed to point attributes). I need to figure out a way 
to handle this, because there can be differing array sizes needed for 
different types of primitives.

3) For metaball instancing the weight attribute is passed to VEX and 

4) The motion blur for point instancing is now calling 
addVelocityBlurGeometry() instead of using deformation blur. So, as 
usual, the velocity vectors and shutter time will determine blur.

After working with the CVEX API, it's got some serious promise for all 
kinds of applications, very nice to have this available in the HDK! I'm 
thinking that there could be a few places in this DSO that could take 
advantage of it, e.g. pre-processing incoming geo, processing the 
instanced geo (as is done now), and further processing of the motion 
blur copy of geo required for deformation blur. It could be used for 
filtering and attribute blending as well, not to mention the processing 
that could be applied to instanced volume primitives. Coolio!


Have fun.


P.S. The example file is unfortunately a .hipnc file, my apologies, this 
will be remedied soon.

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