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 And yes, I do have a deforming static object in the DOP network (I have been trying to find clues in the Forums and saw this might be an issue), but how do I cache out the fluid and read it in without having to deal with the overhead of an animating Static Object?


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I am caching out a fluid sim by appending a File SOP to the bottom of the 
AutoDopNetwork (as is done in the tutorials), setting it to "Write", and then 
setting it to "Read" when it is done.? But when I change frames and expect a 
fairly quick update due to the "Read" File SOP being activated, I get a lengthy 
wait with things like "DOP Pre-Simulation Step" and "DOP Network Cook" over and 
over in the lower left-hand corner of the interface like it is re-calculating, 
and I end up cancelling because it is taking too long.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?? The fluid sim data is out there on disk just 
fine and took over an hour to calculate and write out, so I assume it is good.



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