[Sidefx-houdini-list] annotate in mplay

jiversen jiversen at rhythm.com
Wed Dec 16 17:19:28 EST 2009

I'll admit I wrote it very quickly as a proof of concept--- which was 
basically a proof of awkward failure;)

What would be the first level of ideal would be to have a imagewrite 
hscript function in MPlay with options to burn in the overlayed stuff, 
and optionally the LUT too -- a viewwrite of mplay, as it were.  A lot 
of the hackery  would be alleviated.

The true ideal is to have ye olde ipaint (or better!) integrated with 
mplay and allow an fg layer to be scrawled on over the image. The scrawl 
could possibly then be hidden, or burned in or saved seperately or 
whatever the pipeline calls for.  Or just scrawl directly on the image 
since 99% of those drawings are only for dailies illustration 
purposes.   The scrawler could be put in the 3d viewports in Houdini 
too. And keyframed.

This is not new "pie-in-the-sky" type of stuff, our animation software 
"Voodoo" and flipbook software (and ILMs and Pixars) all do this as a 
matter of course.

Edward Lam wrote:
> jiversen wrote:
>>  set cmd="icp $current_image $new_image"
>>  if `systemES($cmd)` == 0
> If you're doing this, why not use iconvert to convert the image to a 
> .tiff (or .pic) instead? Then you can just annotate it with either the 
> "artist" (.tiff) or "comment" (.pic) tags.
> -Edward
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