[Sidefx-houdini-list] reflective displacement

Szymon Kapeniak szymon.kapeniak at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 15:42:03 EST 2009

Reflective Displacement material from a Gallery?It should behave as
you expect (reflections should be distorted). What build are you
using? I've just checked in 10.0.430 and it works fine. Displacement
computes new normals, which effectively modify reflection vectors,
thus produces distorted reflections (both in true displacement and
bump mode). I suspect there is something wrong with your


(There are possible some shader's optimisations like the one that
disables displacement for secondary rays for example, so the grid from
your example would appear in reflection as bumped, but that's not a
case here, is it?)

2009/12/15 Larry Giunta <larry at gcreativestudios.com>:
> This may be a complicated question for someone who does not have a
> lot of experience creating shaders .... but here goes.
> When using the reflective displacement shader the displacement does
> not seem to affect the look of what is reflected in the surface.
> Example- If  you drop down a grid and assign a reflective
> displacement material ( to make it look watery or whatever), the
> specular highlights react to the displacement as expected.
> But if you place some objects above the grid they will reflect
> straight as if the grid were a flat mirror or piece of glass.
> Is there a straight forward way to tie these two together?? So the
> reflection also looks distorted.
> Maybe there is already a shader that does this and I'm just missing it??
> Thanks for any advice.
> Larry
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