[Sidefx-houdini-list] reflective displacement

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Tue Dec 15 15:40:52 EST 2009

Hi Larry,

I've tested it on a grid with a torus placed over it and it works fine. 
I used the noise embedded in the shader and the torus has a wavy 
reflection. I don't know what can cause an issue on your side.

If you can post your scene somewhere I can have a look at it.


Larry Giunta wrote:
> This may be a complicated question for someone who does not have a  
> lot of experience creating shaders .... but here goes.
> When using the reflective displacement shader the displacement does  
> not seem to affect the look of what is reflected in the surface.
> Example- If  you drop down a grid and assign a reflective  
> displacement material ( to make it look watery or whatever), the  
> specular highlights react to the displacement as expected.
> But if you place some objects above the grid they will reflect  
> straight as if the grid were a flat mirror or piece of glass.
> Is there a straight forward way to tie these two together?? So the  
> reflection also looks distorted.
> Maybe there is already a shader that does this and I'm just missing it??
> Thanks for any advice.
> Larry
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