[Sidefx-houdini-list] using OBJNAME to build RBD constraints

Ben Schrijvers ben.schrijvers at guerrilla-games.com
Wed Aug 26 12:14:56 EDT 2009

Just for the record.. I managed to get a bit further by using a Apply 
Relationship node.
I could even use the expressions writen below instead of stamping.


Ben Schrijvers wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've got a bunch of RBD objects in Dop's and a matching bunch of 
> (animated) points in Sop's.
> Now I want to constraint each RBD object to the corresponding goal point.
> I've allready brought the goal points into Dop's using an Empty Object 
> Dop and Point Position Dop.
> I can create a constraint with a rbdSpringConstraint for a single RBD 
> Object and that works as expected.
> But obviously I want to do it in a single node so I'm not constrainting 
> myself to the number of objects :-)
> So I went into a rbdSpringConstraint and used $OBJNAME in the Object 
> field of the anchorobjspacepos1 node.
> And goal_`opdigits($OBJNAME)` in the Object field of the 
> anchorobjspacepos2 node.
> Appart from positions not jet propperly being set etc.. the main thing 
> that goes wrong is that the $OBJNAME variable is not being used.
> So all RBD object use a constraint between goal_0 and chunk_0.
> I geuss the constraint1 node does know about which object is being 
> processed but doesn't pass this upstream to the anchors.
> If I connect.. my stream of objects... to an achorobjspacepos and use 
> the same expression it actually does work in sense that it creates an 
> anchor that's properly named goal for each RBD Object.
> But in this way the anchor get's created in the root of the RBD Object 
> instead of inside the Constraint.
> I've also tried to create the Contraint first and then force the 
> Anchor's Data Name to be 
> RelInGroup/RbdSpringConstraint/Constraint/CurrentAnchor
> But that creates a new branch with subfolder and looking at the icon 
> they are of the type anchor.
> Even tried Modify Data Dop..
> Is this posible at all? The feeling I get from Dop's is that this should 
> actually be easy... if you know what you're doing.
> cheers,
> benS
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